September 5, 2017

First United Methodist Church

“Welcome Back”

Rick Chandler--18th District President

"What's going on in District 18 this Year"



October 3, 2017

Charles Rice--Colorado City Chief of Police

"Keeping us all Safe"

AMBA Rep./Benefits



November 7, 2017

"Books, Books, and Books"

Put TRTA Book Plates in

Books for Distribution



December 2017

No Meeting




January 12, 2018

Eddie Riley--"The Prison Ministry"



February 14, 2018

Colorado ISD

Mitchell County Retired School

Personnel Appreciation Dinner



March 6, 2018

Maggie Boatman--Library Director

"Book Review"



April 3, 2018

Joan Tolle

"Changes in Reading and

Writing Curriculum!"



May 1, 2018

Jamie Alvarez--"Overall Fitness"