Meeting Times

IRSPA meets the second Thursday of each month from September through May at 10:00 A. M. at the First Christian Church,104 Grauwyler Road, Irving, Texas.

 If you have not already done so, please send your dues to Charles Norwood, 1105 Stone Gate Dr., Irving, TX 75063-4677.

    TRTA dues for 2016-2017:       $35

    IRSPA local dues:                      $10

    Total dues for TRTA/IRSPA      $45   Add one dollar if you want your handbook mailed to you.

    TRTA life members pay only the $10 local dues;  add $1 to have the handbook mailed to you.

Your participation in TRTA and IRSPA is greatly appreciated.

     TRTA is a service organization that works to protect and improve your TRS benefits. Thank you for your interest in the association's activities and check back soon for news on this local unit.