Sync Terms of Office

                       Bringing District Terms of Office into Sync with the State         

                When the TRTA House of Delegates passed a bylaw amendment making the terms of elected and appointed officers two years, the expectation was that districts would alter their bylaws accordingly.  The two year terms at the state level take effect in 2014 which means that the election of officers at the TRTA Convention in April will be for two year terms, ending in 2016. 

            Although most of the districts have gone to two-year terms for their officers, some are not in sync with the state rotation schedule.  In order to better plan convention training and the District Presidents’ Training Conference in odd-numbered years, we are asking districts to adjust their officers’ terms to be in alignment with the state.  This request does not apply to local units, although many locals have made the change as well.

            If all districts are in compliance with the state schedule of terms, the odd-numbered year training sessions and DPLTC can take on a new and creative look which will broaden the scope of training beyond basic fundamentals.  Such a move could be exciting and full of leadership development opportunities.

            A district can bring itself into alignment with the state in one of two ways.  If the current DP is serving the first year of a two year term, the DP (and other district officers and chairmen) can agree to serve three years with the next election occurring in in the fall of 2015 with the next two year terms beginning in July 2016.  This method would provide the smoothest transition and avoid someone’s having to assume office on short notice.

            However, if that plan is not acceptable, the current group of officers can serve only one year (the current one) and the district can elect a new slate of officers at the 2014 Spring Leadership Conference to assume their two year term beginning July 2014.

This plan would be, in my opinion, less preferable because of the short time for preparation to assume office, but it is certainly acceptable.

            Whatever method a district uses, it is the hope of the Board of Directors that all districts will be in alignment with the state rotation schedule for officers by July 1, 2014.

Maridell Fryar

TRTA President