September 10, 2014


Here is a list of those districts that will be contested.  If a legislative district is not listed,  it means that race was decided in the primary races held earlier.

House Dist.
    44           John Kuemel (R)                  Robert Bohmfalk (D)
    53           Andrew Murr (R)                  Maximlian Martin (Libertarian) 
    80           Tracy King (D)                     Marco Buentello (Green)
   117           Rick Galindo (R)                  Philip Cortez (D)
   120           Ruth Jones McClendon (D)   Gilberto Villela (Libertarian)
   121           Joe Straus (R)                     Jeff Carruthers (Libertarian)
   122           Lyle Larson(R)                     Jame Holland (Libertarian)
   123           Mike Villarreal (D)                Paul Ingmundson (Green)
   125           Justin Rodriquez(D)              Daniel Behrman (Libertarian)

Senate Dist.
     25           Donna Campbell(R)              Daniel Boone(D)     Brandon Lea (Libertarian)

I copied the names from the Texas Secretary of State Web page.  If you know anyone that has not registered, they have until the 6th of October. 
  David Plylar (Harlandale Leg. Chair) is setting up a "Meet the Candidates" night.  Great time to get information from the candidates that are in attendance.  I will try and send more info out in a forth coming e-mail.  Huajilla Unit will be hosting Mr. Andrew Murr at the Oct. 27th meeting in Hondo.
  I encourage others to begin establishing contacts with the above and those that have already been elected. 
  Kenneth Hanson   Dist. 20 Legislative Chair