October 2, 2014

Not able to sleep at night worrying about the following??????
  1.  Am I registered to vote in the upcoming November 4, 2014 election???
  2.  Is the name on the voter registration card the same as my other id information????

""""GOOD NEWS""""Now you can find out the answers to the above questions by doing the following------
 Go to www.votetexas.org and on the bottom left click on--MORE ABOUT VOTER REGISTRATION.  That opens another page where you may click on something such as---NOT SURE IF YOU ARE REGISTERED--and then follow the directions.  It will allow you to find out if your are registered and what your exact name is on the voter registration card (important since voter ID is required to vote).  You have through Oct. 6 to register if you are not already registered. 

""""GOOD NEWS #2""""  All of the above is free and only takes about 5 minutes

Complete the above and then take a nap.

Ken Hanson