November 11, 2014

  In my last e-mail to many of you listing those elected in Dist. 20, I forgot to list # 74 Rep. Nevarez.  Thanks to Carlos Ortiz for picking up on that error and my apologies to Rep. Nevarez.
- - - - - - - -
David Plylar reminded me incumbent legislators may now begin filing bills for the 84th session.  So on this Veterans Day the TX. House members have filed 251 bills.  They cover from resolutions to constitutional amendments and everything in between.  Many deal with educational issues.  "Mondo" Martinez has filed HB 45 that deals with a cost of living request for retirees.  The TX. Senate has filed 163 bills.
  Between now and the bill filing deadline during the 84th session, it would not be unusual to see 7 or 8 thousands bills filed. Most of the filed bills will not be passed into law.
  Hope everyone had a great Veterans Day. 

Until next time.  Ken Hanson