November 10, 2014


The cast has now been set for the comedy/drama opening of the 84th Texas Legislative session set to open on Jan. 13, 2015 in Austin.  This year's production should prove to be as exciting as past productions.  It is presented only in odd years (no comment) and admission is free. IT IS DESIGNED FOR AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION.  Here are the cast members from Dist. 20 ofTRTA--
  TEXAS SENATE:  #19--C. Uresti (D)    #21--J. Zaffirini (D)   #24--Fraser (R)
# 25--D. Campbell (R)   # 26--L. VandePutte (D) (some rumbling about her running for SA Mayor)

  TEXAS HOUSE:  #31--R. Gullen (D)   #44--J. Kuempel (R)   #53--A. Murr (R)
#73--D. Miller (R)   #80--T. King (D)  #116--T. Martinez (D)   #117--R. Galindo (R)
# 118--J. Farias (D)   #119--R. Gutierrez (D)   #120--R. McLendon (D)  #121--J. Straus (R)   #122--L Larson (R)   #123--M. Villarreal (D) (has resigned to run for SA Mayor)  #124--J. Menendez (D)   #125--J. Rodriquez (D)
  (There are several new cast members for the upcoming production and they won't have a dressing room assigned until they are officially sworn in.  Your old cast member will represent you until that time.  It is interesting they have a swearing IN ceremony at the beginning of the session and then many end up in a searing at ceremony AT the end of the session)
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Tuesday is Veterans Day and that allows us the opportunity to thank those that are serving and have served our country.  We should also remember the silent veterans, the families of those veterans, for the sacrifices they must make while their loved one is away.

Ken Hanson