May 28, 2014


This e-mail has information about TRS-Care.  Tim Lee will be sending out more information in the near future in his Inside Line.  The Inside Line is an informative newsletter and is free to anyone that wishes to sign up for it. Go to to sign up.
  Bill Barnes is chairperson of the TRTA Legislative Committee.  Bill is also our voice on the TRS Retirees Advisory Committee and sent me the e-mail summarizing the April meeting .  TRS uses the committee for the purpose of input on the TRS-Care and TRS-Active Care problems and solutions.  They have met several times in the last few months.
Here is the information that Bill sent concerning the problem of funding the TRS-Care and TRS-Active Care programs.

I am listing below some of the options that are being discussed and considered.  At some point the best options will be presented to the Texas Legislature for consideration during the 2015 session.
  Option 1:  Pre-fund the long term liability
  Option 2:  Fund the program on a pay-as-you-go basis for the biennium
  Option 3:  Fund for 10 year solvency
  Option 4:  Retirees pays full cost for optional coverage
  Option 5:  Mandatory participation in Medicare Advantage & Medicare Part D
  Option 6:  Establish a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) ---Defined Contribution
  Option 7:  Eligibility modification
  Option 8:  Steerage plan design for the non Medicare population
  Option 9:  Combine TRS-Care and TRS-Active Care

Tim Lee's Inside Line will explain each of the above options from TRTA's perspective.  If you have your health care services through TRS-Care or TRS-Active Care, you may wish to read a more in depth explanation from Tim.
Run Off Elections:  Once again, a small number of people determined the outcome of the run off elections in both the Democratic and Republican run off primaries.  The decisions on the above health care challenges, as well as other issues for active and retired teachers, will be determined by those that took the time to vote.  Anyone reading this e-mail that might have suggestions on how to get educators, retired and active, to see the importance of voting, I would be appreciative of your sharing those ideas with me.
Ken Hanson