March 12, 2014

TRTA cannot endorse candidates, but they can provide information to its members on legislators that are "key" members.  Below is how some of those "key" members fared in the recent primaries.

Winners:  Jim Keffer, Angie Chen button, Sarah Davis, John Otto, Joe Straus, Byron Cook, Kyle Kacal, J.D.Sheffield, Susan King, Drew Darby, Joe Pickett, Alma Allen, John Whitmire, Kel Seliger,Charles Perry, Myra Crownover, and Susan King

Those that lost: Bennett Ratliff, Lance Gooden, Diane Patrick, George Lavender, Lon Burnam, Ralph Sheffield, Linda Harper-Brown, and John Carona

Senator Bob Duell is in a runoff.

Joe Straus is the only one in Dist. 20 on the list.  Many legislative candidates ran unopposed in their primaries and are unopposed in the Nov. 2014 elections.
Educators-active and retired-have the potential to control many elections by simply voting.  Since  less than 14% of the eligible voters even bothered to vote in the recent primaries, one assumes many active and retired teachers are among the 80% plus that just couldn't find the time to vote.
The cost of voting is but around 5 minutes of your life--the cost of not voting is sending a person to Austin or D.C. that potentially wishes to change your life and working conditions. 
 Run off elections are still to be held in May.  Because voter turn out during a runoff election is historically low, your vote will be even more important in determining the outcome of your representative.  More e-mails will be coming in the future concerning information on the runoff elections. 

Ken Hanson
Dist. 20 Legislative Chairperson