March 10, 2014

Dist. 20 of TRTA had four contested races in the recent primaries. Here are the results of those 4 races--
  Senate Dist. 25  Donna Campbell (R) wins without a runoff. 
  House Dist. 53-  Run off between Rob Henneke(R) and Andrew Murr(R)
  House Dist.117  Rick Galindo(R) wins over John Garza (R)
  House Dist.121  Joe Straus (R) wins over Matt Beebe  (Mr. Straus is the current Speaker of the House)

I will be sending more information on the state races that may have a big impact on active and retired teachers in the 2015 Texas Legislative session.  Overall, it would appear the results were not as favorable and 2015 is shaping up to be a challenging session for educators-active & retired.

Empower Texans is a well funded group that supported through endorsements and money many candidates on the ballot.  It would appear their investments have been rewarded with many of their candidates winning their primaries or in a runoff.  They are among several groups that advocate changing the Defined Benefit Plan to a Defined Contribution Plan.

86.2% of eligible voters couldn't find the five or so minutes it took to cast a ballot in these primaries. I do not know how many of that 86.2% are educators-active and retired.  I do know that a candidate can spend a few dollars and buy a list of the eligible voters and it will list those that did or did not vote.  While that list does not show how you voted, it does enable a candidate, with a little work, to find out what groups support or not support them by voting.  Educators have the voting power to influence elections, but that influence is useless if you don't use it by voting.

Ken Hanson