January 4, 2015


A special election will be held on Jan. 6, 2015 (Tuesday) for determining those that will represent many of us in the upcoming 84th Legislature beginning on Jan. 13 in Austin.  I am listing below the district and the candidates as listed online by the Texas Secretary of State.

  Senate District 26--Trey Martinez Fischer (D), Alma Perez Jackson (R),  Jose Martinez (D), Joan Pedrotti (R) , and Al Suarez (D)

   State Representative 117--Shelly Cartier (D), Linda Curtis (I), John Cyrier (R), Brent Golemon (R), and Ty McDonald (D)

   State Representative 123--Melissa Aguillon (D), Diego Bernal (D), Roger Gary (L), Paul Ingmundson (G), Walter Martinez (D), and Nunzio Previtera (R)

Because these elections tend to not draw many voters, each vote will carry a little more importance in selecting those that will be deciding some important issues concerning retired and active educators during the 84th session. Because of the number of candidates vying for these openings, it is very likely a runoff election will be held. Even if you do not live in one of the districts, you may know someone living in those districts and reminding them to vote is very important.

One other special election in the state will be held for State Rep. Dist. 13 on the 13th day of Jan.--that is the day the 84th session begins.

Ken Hanson