Jan. 14, 2014

Jan. 14, 2014  
This is the third and final candidate e-mail dealing with the March primaries.
We need to assign one or more members as contact people to each person running in your unit's area.  That person, or persons, would then be able to share with those running information from TRTA & TRS on our retirement plan and health care plan.  So please study the candidates listed below and be thinking of those members that would make good contact people. Even the candidates that are running unopposed in their primary election may have opposition in Nov. from the parties that do not hold a primary.  I will be in contact with you in the near future to work out the details in your individual situation.
(The following Texas Senators represent all or part of Dist. 20--Senator Carlos Uresti (D) Dist. #19, Senator Judith Zafirini (D) #21, Senator Leticia Van de Putte (D) #26, Senator Troy Fraser (R) #24) Dist. #25 is being contested.
  Senate District #25   (Kendell and part of Bexar)
     Republican Primary--Donna Campbell, Elisa Chan and Mike Novak
State Representative #44--Wilson County
  Robert Bohmfalk (D)      John Kuempel (R) 
State Representative #31--Atascosa, McMullen and LaSalle
   Ryan Guillen (D)
State Representative #73--Kendall County
    Doug Miller (R)
State Representative #80--Uvalde, Zavala, Dimmit, and Frio
     Tracy King (D)
State Representative #53--Edwards, Real, Kerr, Bandera and Medina
     Andrew Murr (R), Karen Harris (R), Rob Henneke (R), Tink Nathan (R) & Wayne Ramsey (R)
State Representative #74--Kinney, Maverick and Val Verde
     Pancho Nevarez (D)
The following Districts are all in Bexar County
     SR# 116--Trey Martinez (D)
     SR# 117--Rick Galindo (D)      John V. Garza (R)
     SR# 118--Joe Farias (D)
     SR# 119--Roland Gutierrez (D)
     SR# 120--Ruth Jones McClendon (D)
     SR# 121- Matt Beebe (R)    Joe Straus (R)
     SR# 122--Lyle Larson (R)
     SR# 123--Mike Villarreal (D)
     SR# 124--Jose Menendez
     SR# 125--Justin Rodriquez (D)
I realize a lot of these are incumbents and their knowledge of TRTA and TRS will be better because of the good job done during the last legislative session by you and TRTA.  But it is very important we have a contact person that each of those running feel free to call for information concerning our teacher retirement and its programs.  What a great opportunity we have to begin laying the ground work for this challenging and upcoming 2015 legislative session.
  Thanks so much for the great job you are doing by keeping your local units informed of all of the things being done in this "off" year.
 Ken Hanson