Jan. 10, 2014

Jan. 10, 2014   
     I trust each of you has had a safe and healthy start to 2014.  I will be sending you a series of e-mails providing information on national and state races.
Voter Registration Certificate:  You and your members should have the new voter registration card by now.  You may wish to remind everyone to carefully check the name on the card and other ID that will be needed to vote in the upcoming elections.  If they are not identical, now is the time to get it corrected.  If you have not received your registration by now, you may also wish to follow up on what has happened to it. Members not registered should do that as quickly as possible as the deadline for registering for the primaries is early Feb.
Registered parties in Texas as listed on the state's website--Texas Communist Party, Constitution Party of Texas, Texas Democratic Party, Texas Green Party, Libertarian Party of Texas, Reform Party of Texas, Republican Party of Texas and Socialist Party of Texas.
The Democrats and Republicans will hold primaries in March to determine their representatives for the Nov. 2014 election.
The other parties have a variety of ways to determine their candidates for Nov. 2014.
 Those running for U.S. Senator:
 Democrats---David Alameel, Harry Kim, Kesha Rogers, Maxey Marie Scherr, &  Michael "Fjet" Fjetland
 Republicans-Chris Mapp, Curt Cleaver, Dwayne Stovall, John Cornyn, Ken Cope, Linda Vega, Reid Reasor, & Steve Stockman
U.S. Representative for Dist. 23:
 Democrat--Pete Gallego
  Republicans: Francisco "Quico" Canseco, Robert Lowery, & Will Hurd,
  The next e-mail will deal with primary candidates for Texas Governor & TX. LT. Gov.
 The third e-mail will deal with candidates for contested Dist. 20 races for TX. Senate and Representative.
The information above was taken from the TX. Sec. of State's Website.
Ken Hanson