Feb. 3, 2014

Feb. 3, 2014
Today is the last day for voter registration.  If you know someone that has not registered, today is their last day to register to vote in the March primaries.  Early voting will begin on Feb. 18, 2014
I hope each of you receive Tim Lee's Inside Line.  He just finished sending a five segment e-mail that provided information concerning the election. If you did not receive his Inside Line, you and your members can go to--www.trta.org--and view those he sent.  You might wish to encourage your members to sign up for his e-mails.  It is free and Tim does an excellent job of sharing accurate and timely information on many subjects year round. Once again, go to --www.trta.org-- to sign up for his free Inside Line.
Being registered to vote has no value if the registered person does not vote.  Now is a good time to begin to remind each of our members the need to vote in the primaries.  I realize that many of our Dist. 20 members live in state legislative districts with candidates running unopposed.  It is still important for our members to show support for those that have supported us in the legislature.  We are going to need every friendly vote we can muster for this upcoming 2015 legislative session. 
While your local unit cannot endorse a candidate, you, as an individual, may support and work for the candidate of your choice.  Showing support with a sign in your yard, working for the candidate at the poles or phone bank and donating money for their support.  Doing any of the mentioned is a great investment in the future of your annuity and health care system.
Thanks to each of you for your involvement through your local unit.  Your time and efforts do make a difference.  I only wish all of those TRS retirees that have chosen not to join or participate in protecting our retirement benefits could understand how easy they could be lost or changed without people such as yourself.  Keep up the good work.

Ken Hanson      -             kdnmh2@gmail.com