Plan for Wilson County Retired School Personnel Membership Initiative 2017


Texas Retired Teachers Association

(Prepared by Pris Kincaid WCRSP)

Objective 1:  To educate active and retired teachers, administrators, and all school personnel about the challenges TRS is facing in Austin, and how these challenges will impact all TRS members.

Objective 2:  To inform teachers, administrators, and all school personnel about how TRTA is working as the only voice in the state legislature for TRS.

Objective 3:  To offer and encourage all TRS members to join forces with TRTA in making it a 100,000+ stronger voice through membership.

1.  Form a membership committee. 

  • Go over objectives.
  • Establish roles:  speakers, support persons.
  • Designate campuses.
  • Decide on handouts to use:  1) List of Representatives/How to Stay Informed,  2) Do You Know the Difference?
  • Choose a snack to provide for teachers.
  • Decide on a poster and flyer to use for workroom.
  • Have applications with self-addressed envelopes and local unit brochure available for interested persons who want to join.

2.  Establish a timeline to contact districts and to visit campuses.

3.   Meet with superintendents and principals.

(You must first get permission from the superintendent to visit campuses. Explain the purpose for addressing the faculty and what information you want to share.  Let the principal know you need 15 to 20 minutes.)

  • Share information about the critical issues we are facing currently during the 85th Legislation session:  the $1.1 billion shortfall in the TRS-Care program.
  • Explain TRTA’s role in representing all TRS members in defending and preserving the TRS pension trust fund and keeping the TRS-Care program safe from benefit reductions and massive premium increases.
  • Set a “campus day” for faculty presentations concerning these matters. 
  • Solicit teachers’ and administrators’ support through email campaigns, and contacting congressmen through phone calls and/or letters when the opportunity arises .
  • Provide them with a copy of each handout.
  • Encourage those planning retirement in 2 to 3 years to join TRTA and our local WCRSP for a stronger voice in Austin. 


  1. Follow chain of command.  If you get superintendents on board, you have a great chance in convincing the principals of a need for your visit.
  2. Dress professionally and use your best persuasive techniques.
  3. See if the principals will be willing to run off the two basic handouts for the meeting.
  4. You should bring several copies of your application, unit brochure, and maybe a flyer explaining the candy you leave.  See flyer example.
  5. We provided some goodies (chocolate) to leave to show teacher appreciation.
  6. One district wanted a copy of what we were going to speak on to send electronically to the faculty.  See facts sheet.