How to Get in Touch with Your Superintendents and Active Teachers


How to Get In Touch With Your Superintendents and Active Teachers


Plan for Membership Initiative for Wilson County RSP

                                                                     By Pris Kincaid

1.     Sept. - Candy & Goodies at each Campus with the Flyer (see handout #1.)


2.     Sept. - Meet with Superintendents & express concern about TRS & what is going on in Austin.  Go over objectives & timeline (see handout #2.)

3.     Dec. - At end of local meeting, meet with Membership Committee to go over plan (see handout #3.)

4.     Jan. - Meet with principals at Central Office & briefed them on info we want to share with faculty.  Provide them with same handouts. (see handout #4) Set dates to speak



5.     Jan. & Feb. - Speak at faculty meetings, providing handouts & posters designated below (see handout #4 for Persuasive Speech outline.)   

6.     I personally sat at each of my campuses for about 6 hours to be available for teachers who want to join. I served them goodies.  Our efforts brought in over 50 new TRTA members, mostly active teachers.




We ordered Posters for each school campus from TRTA.  Poster:  “The Road Ahead Will Throw You Some Curves.”

We also ordered 3 pamphlets:  “Your Money,” “Thinking About Retirement?,” “TRTA Membership Benefits & Services Guide”

Handouts we provided (or the principals would have them run off) for each teacher:

TRTA Application  (see website)

Do You Know the Difference?  (web site also, but see attachment)

Information on TRTA article by Pris Kincaid  (see attachment)

TRTA Member Benefits  (see the Voice)

References:  The Voice (passed issues), Insideline, TRS Newsletters, TRTA & TRS web sites

      Our thanks go out to Pris Kincaid for sharing such excellent information!