District Red Rally T-shirt

Red Shirt Rally Day in Austin

April 8, 2015

That is the last day of the TRTA State Convention in April 2015. All members are welcome to join in a day at the Capitol in Austin. We will have more information later about attending the State Convention or where the buses will be leaving from to go to the Capitol on that day.

District 20 has decided to order red shirts with a logo to match for us to wear that day or other times. If you would like to purchase one we need to turn the order in ASAP. Please fill out this form and get it to District 20 – Sherrie Keese if you would like to purchase a shirt.

T-shirts will be $10; Polo shirts are $15; delivery after the first of the year.

              Circle size and type of shirt


Name_______________________ S,M,L,XL,XXL

                                                      regular  or  polo