Community Volunteer Service


Individual Hours of Community Volunteer Service


1. Volunteer hours may be counted for any service that is provided without pay to an individual or group.

2. Record hours spent in volunteer work from the time you leave home until the time you return. Also count the time you spend preparing to do the volunteer work, i.e., preparing a speech or baking cookies.

3. Combine all volunteer hours together regardless of type of serve performed.

4. Make a habit of recording the activities on a regular basis. A date book is ideal for keeping track.




Local Unit______________________________________ District_____XX_______


  MONTH                   TOTAL HOURS                                           MONTH               TOTAL HOURS

JANUARY ____________________________                              JULY _____________________________


FEBRUARY ___________________________                             AUGUST __________________________


MARCH ______________________________                            SEPTEMBER _______________________


APRIL _______________________________                             OCTOBER _________________________


MAY ________________________________                             NOVEMBER ________________________


JUNE ________________________________                            DECEMBER ________________________