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News Around District 13

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District XIII Community Service Hours 2017 -  423,639     

At $10/hr, District 13 provided $4,236,390.00 of value to our communities!



District 13 Spring Training, May 10, 2018.  New District 13 Officers were formally installed and are already taking up their new duties and responsibilities.

New District XIII Officers: (l-r)  Susan Pulis, President; Gene Stokes, 1st V-Pres; Carol Rose, 2nd V-Pres; Janet Ryan, Secretary; Lynda Jackson, Treasurer; Becky Felan, Historian; and Carole Buchanan, Immediate Past-President.

Outgoing District 13 Officers:  (l-r) Ernest Hoffman, Secretary; Jane Garner, Historian; Carole Buchanan, President; Laura Packard, 2nd Vice-Pres.; Bill Bacon, 1st Vice-Pres.;  Lynda Jackson, Treasurer.