Hello world.

Buttons - Going in Order

Cut (CTRL+X) / Copy (CTRL+C) / Paste (CTRL + V),

Regular Copy / Paste,

Paste as Plain Text (copy text from Word Document)

Paste from Word (copy text from same Word Document)

Printing your marvelous work

Spel chek as you tipe.

Undo/Redo, Find/Replace, Left/Right, Link/Unlink

Text can be left aligned, right aligned, center aligned, or justified.

Here is some right-aligned text. Ms Jill Smyth is our Executive Director!

Here is a link to another page, and it opens a new browser window.

Here is a link to an email address.

Setting up an Anchor (down below).

This is a nice place for a horizontal line...

Lists, Quotes, and Formatting of Basic Text . Thanks Ms. Smyth!




Indenting/Quoting, Emboldening, Italicizing, Underlining, Stikeout, Superscript, Subscript.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent aliquet sem eget odio ultricies, ut suscipit ante condimentum. Vivamus felis velit, sagittis non tortor vitae, elementum2 ultriciesrf3 enim. Pellentesque imperdiet vel magna ac luctus. Mauris vehicula odio volutpat viverra varius. Nam pellentesque, lorem sit amet gravida convallis, nunc libero porta purus, eget porta risus elit ut dolor. Nullam congue nibh leo, ut porta lectus dictum sit amet. Nunc ornare ornare malesuada. Sed lacinia elementum pulvinar. Donec consectetur pellentesque felis et fringilla.

More Elaborate Styling on the above paragraph

Background color,


Font Type,

Font Size,

Predefined span styles - one word at a time

Predefined div styles. Jill Smyth presents awards

Remove Formatting!


Here is a great image:

It can be left aligned, right aligned, center aligned, resized, bordered, and so on.

Insert Movie

Inserting a movie can be done by clickign on the media icon:

Next, paste in the embed code found at



A Google Map:

Instructions: Type in the address after pressing the Google map button - for 650 N Pearl St Dallas, TX 75201 .



Inserting Tables


Table Caption
Here is a table with three rows and two columns


Inserting Page Break for Printing

Inserting Special Characters

œ ⇔

Adding Internal Link

- For Pamela Elza!

Inserting Components

Components are reusable content.

What's this? It's the Text Filler Component!


Events Calendar Table Component

Events Calendar
Name Date Start End Description/Location


Find Your Legislator by Zip Code!

Legislators by Zip Code


Insert your Local unit Officers!


The facebook news feed for TRTA!




Be careful not to remove existing contents!!!

Here's a Three Column Template

Edit or Delete Header

Content for the first column goes here.

Isn't this amazing?

Edit or Delete Header

Content for the second column goes here.

Edit or Delete Header

Content for the third column goes here.



Inserting Mura Tags

Insert Current Date

{ts '2020-08-04 06:37:19'}

Inserting IFrame


Pop Out!
Show Blocks
Insert Div






My anchor.